Welcome to Glitnir Law

Glitnir Law was founded in May 2015 as the sole-practitioner firm of Ian Valentine. It was formed to help students, consumers, colleges and small business navigate the complex and often confusing English legal system. We do this by helping our clients firstly to avoid costly court battles by negotiated dispute resolution and effective contract/policy drafting, and secondly by assisting them to effectively fight cases themselves as litigants-in-person.


Our Vision

  • To build on a foundation of traditional values of trustworthiness, dedication to the client's cause,  and legal expertise

  • To embrace the latest technology, including cloud-based solutions, to keep costs low and improve flexibility to meet the client's needs

  • To adapt to and understand the needs of the modern business or consumer 

  • To gather together experts in the range of services needed by a consumer or small business  

  • To ensure value without compromising on quality through a range of affordable rates tailored to the client and the services required


Our Expertise

  • Higher education law and compliance for 'alternative providers' including: 
    • HEFCE: designation for funding, Prevent duty
    • Tier 2/4 Sponsor compliance/sanctions

  •   Higher education student complaints and non-academic appeals e.g. course cancellation/expulsion/Office of Independent Adjudicator

  • Consumer complaints/faulty goods and services

  • Small claims and Tribunal dispute advocacy and litigation support

  • Tenant deposit and service charge disputes

  • Start-up and small business legal document review and structure support

  • Legal research and advice
  • Document review and compliance
  • Advice on small business structure, documents, and formalities

  • Consumer complaint letters
  • Tribunal and Small Claims advocacy at first trial
  • Litigation support - advice on tactics and procedure, drafting documents