Welcome to Glitnir Law

Glitnir Law was founded in May 2015 as the sole-practitioner firm of Ian Valentine. It was formed with the aim of providing a range of cost effective solutions to address the needs of two distinct but symbiotic groups of service users in the legal market - small businesses (especially privately owned higher education institutions), and the consumers who use them.


Our Vision

  • To build on a foundation of traditional values of trustworthiness, dedication to the client's cause,  and legal expertise

  • To embrace the latest technology, including cloud-based solutions, to keep costs low and improve flexibility to meet the client's needs

  • To adapt to and understand the needs of the modern business or consumer 

  • To gather together experts in the range of services needed by a consumer or small business  

  • To ensure value without compromising on quality through a range of affordable rates tailored to the client and the services required


Our Expertise

  • Higher education law and compliance for 'alternative providers' including: 
    • designation for HEFCE or SLC funding
    • Tier 4 Sponsor compliance/sanctions

  •   Higher education student complaints and non-academic appeals e.g. course cancellation/expulsion/Office of Independent Adjudicator

  • Consumer complaints/faulty goods and services

  • Small claims and Tribunal dispute advocacy and litigation support

  • Tenant deposit and service charge disputes

  • Bespoke small business formations


  • Consumer complaint letters 
  • Legal research and advice
  • Document review and compliance

  • Litigation support and advocacy
  • Tenancy deposit disputes
  • Bespoke business formations